Pacific Pharmacy Students to Host Free Health Fair

VN CARES Annual Pacific Family Health Fair to serve the Stockton community.

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Stockton residents will have access to health services such as blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and more. Pacific pharmacy students, under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, will provide these free health screenings and education to the under-served population. In addition, there will be activities for children of all ages about mindful eating, staying active, healthy lifestyle tips, and an art and essay contest. Last year the event attracted more than 300 attendees with over 150 patients, and this year we expect an even greater number of attendees as well as patients.

Biggest Loser - Day 11

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Biggest Loser - Day:  11  Updated Wednesday eve:

Amazing number -- 99!  No it's not how many pounds I've lost (although I look forward to hitting that number), it's my sugar level this morning.  And after working out tonight, that number dropped to 79!  I haven't seen those numbers for many, many years.  With frequency my sugar levels could be over 200 and even in extreme cases, over 350.  All diabetics know that is not good at all.

So here's another benefit of the wonderful workout, lower sugar levels and better control of the sugars!

Hey Fatso! Biggest Loser Can be a Winner

by Steve

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OK, so I've never been called that -- at least that I want to remember -- but I could have been called that throughout most of my life. So I know what it's like to be fat.  Yes, I said it.  Fat isn't a bad word just like skinny isn't one.  That's a name that I've never been called.  I do know what it's like to be the biggest person in the room and wanting to stay in the background.  Just being real. 

Thoughts for Day 5 but day 1 of this blog.


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