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Hire Stockton Workforce Training Program Grant Awards Available
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Hire Stockton Workforce Training Program Grant Awards Available

Between $5,000 to $10,000 to Qualified Stockton Businesses

The City of Stockton Economic Development Department is accepting applications for its Hire Stockton Workforce Training Program. Existing local businesses can qualify for grants of $5,000 to $10,000 to hire, train and retain new employees from designated areas within the City that are economically distressed.

Grants are available on a reimbursement basis to businesses that have been located within the City of Stockton (city limits) for at least the last five years. Other requirements for qualifying businesses include:

  • employ at least 20 employees;
  • hire new employees who reside in one of the designated census tracts;
  • hire, train and retain new employees for a minimum of 52 consecutive weeks;
  • hire permanent, full-time employees with a minimum hourly wage of $20, plus paid benefit packages; and
  • train for new technology, industrial skills, or manufacturing processes.

Additional details for business owners or designated company representatives, including the grant application, guidelines and census tract information, are available at Completed applications from qualifying businesses can be submitted by email, delivered in-person, or by U.S. Mail.

“The Hire Stockton Workforce Training Program is an investment in business, the community, and people,” said Economic Development Manager Sheba Person-Whitley. “Local businesses that hire locally help to build Stockton’s diverse and dynamic workforce.”

For more information about Hire Stockton and other City of Stockton’s Economic Development Department programs and resources, please, follow us at and, or call 209-937-8539. 

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