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Community Medical Centers Opens New Recovery Center
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Community Medical Centers Opens New Recovery Center

Community Medical Centers (CMC), in partnership with San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services (SJCBHS), recently held an Open House for community partners, health professionals and local law enforcement to tour the new Recovery Center, a CMC program. 

The Recovery Center offers medical and behavioral assessment, sobering and treatment to individuals struggling with mental health and substance use issues. Plans are underway to add withdrawal and respite care services in 2019 as the program develops. 

Located within CMC’s health center on Waterloo Road in Stockton, the program is supported in part by funds from the State of California Mental Health Services Act and from the Prop 47 Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Fund. During its design phase, CMC drew upon the work of other treatment and sobering centers across the country. However, the Federally Qualified Health Center-based model of care for these services is unique. 

“We are creating a model of care where addiction screening and treatment are offered side-by-side with primary care,” said Christine Noguera, CMC’s Chief Executive Officer. “This will improve access to much-needed services and lower the stigma associated with seeking help for addiction.” 

The Recovery Center receives referrals from SJCBHS and also serves as a place for local law enforcement to take individuals found to be publicly intoxicated with mild to moderate mental health and medical needs, as an alternative to jail or the emergency department. There are 50 active participants at the Recovery Center and there have been 370 client encounters since January 2018. 

Early success is clearly seen in the Recovery Center’s clients, who have overcome homelessness, addiction and mental health disorders. The counseling and tools provided by the Recovery Center allow clients to make significant progress toward better lives. 

“The treatment has helped so much with my work life and with my relationships with family,“ said a Recovery Center client. “I’m very grateful to the team for meeting with me monthly and making sure I’m stable and continuing to make progress. They are very welcoming and have been a huge part of my success.” 

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