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El Concilio Announces New Immigration Attorney
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El Concilio Announces New Immigration Attorney

Solange Goncalves Altman, Attorney Coordinator of Immigration Services

El Concilio is very proud to announce the addition of a new immigration lawyer to their staff, Solange Goncalves Altman. Ms. Altman has been a licensed attorney for 32 years, practicing law predominately in the central valley of California. She has been a great partner of the immigrant community for years, lending her talents and expertise to assist in Deferred Action Workshops for youth and other programs to help the community.

With the current immense need for law expertise in the field of immigration and the foreseeable changes in immigration reform, El Concilio has made the commitment to continue to serve and increase services to the underserved immigrant population with the best services possible. Ms. Altman not only has the dexterity to work with families in this specialized profession but she also has an immense passion to serve families in need.

With the buzz of immigration reform there has been a rise in fraudulent activities around the proper preparation of citizenship documents. The costs of immigration law services are high and therefore, those who cannot afford them turn to local Notarios that have taken it upon themselves to provide substandard services and at times take advantage of their clients.

Mr. Rodriguez, President/CEO of El Concilio, “We are proud to be able to provide this essential service for such hard working aspiring citizens.” Ms. Altman, “I am excited to join a reputable organization like El Concilio to provide quality immigration services that will educate and legalize immigrants in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties.  I look forward to working with staff, being part of the team and furthering the mission of El Concilio to empower the community.”
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