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JobRedi Foundation Launches New Internship Program
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JobRedi Foundation Launches New Internship Program

JobRedi Foundation has launched a new internship program in which San Joaquin County high school graduates can gain experience in the workforce while taking college courses. Internships will be awarded to applicants who fit the eligibility requirements, with emphasis on those who have overcome adversity and have demonstrated perseverance and personal responsibility. 

During this program, JobRedi Interns will work three days per week (eight hours per day) at an employer’s location, earning an estimated $300 per week. They will attend classes two days per week (eight hours per day) at Humphrey’s University in Stockton with 100% of the tuition paid by JobRedi. In addition to their internship and education, JobRedi Interns will participate in nine monthly Saturday “Life Skills” Workshops throughout the school year hosted by JobRedi. 

Internships will consist of three consecutive 90-day terms beginning September 2018 and ending May 2019. JobRedi Interns will be “at-will” employees, and can be terminated by the employer for absenteeism, tardiness, substance abuse, etc. 

JobRedi will announce available internship positions to all qualified JobRedi Intern applicants and select one or more interested applicants to present to prospective employers, with the employer making the hiring decision. 

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