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Stockton's history Comes to Life
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Stockton's history Comes to Life

Stockton’s founder Captain Charles Weber (portrayed by Jack Johnson) and his daughter Julia Weber (Vicki Gallegos) will come back to life and tell their story, along with other characters of Stockton’s past at the fourth annual Celebrate Stockton is Magnificent event. Captain Weber named our city after Commodore Robert Stockton (Bart Bird) who will also be amongst the celebrating crowd.

Tillie Lewis (Judy Flaig) was an important industrialist in Stockton’s past who will come forward in time to tell her story of tomato canning in the central valley of California. There will be a pioneer (Mary Fornaciari), a 49er gold miner (Norm Walker), and a school marm (Carol Wilson) mingling with the participants at the big event.

Thousands of Chinese workers came to California during the 1850’s and settled in Stockton. By 1880, the city was home to the third largest Chinese community in California. On October 4th the Chinese settlers will be represented by Bob Hong at Victory Park from noon to 3 PM. Come learn about Stockton’s exciting history and meet some of the characters that made Stockton the magnificent city it is today. These characters and stories are courtesy of the San Joaquin County Historical Society. Join us in the free family friendly fun event on Saturday, October 4th from noon to 3PM in Victory Park. For more information go to

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