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Summer Learning Guides
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Summer Learning Guides

The Caravan News is happy to share some fun activities for you and your children this summer.

Summer can be a time for enrichment and exploration, but for many children, it's also a time when important academic skills are lost.

Children need ongoing opportunities to practice and strengthen literacy skills, especially during the summer break from school.

Believing that healthy families read, Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) has been privileged to leverage our ever-limited resources and the boundless generosity of our HPSJ staff volunteers on behalf of engaging kids as lifelong readers and learners.

University of the Pacific, The Record and the San Joaquin County Office of Education worked together to create bilingual summer learning guides for children in kindergarten through third grade. Inside, find an overview of the skills your child developed this year, learning activities to enjoy at home and in the community, a list of recommended books for summer reading, and free educational websites to explore together.

Have fun with your children while they are learning and growing.  Click “Summer Learning Guides” to download the appropriate guide for your children from kindergarten through third grade.  Enjoy!

Here's the download link:  

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