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Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation
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Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation

February 2023 Mini-Grant Recipients Announced

Aaron Judge, New York Yankee and former Fresno State Bulldog, and founder of the Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation (AJARF) is proud to announce the February 2023 Mini-Grant recipients, each receiving $2,500. These organizations connect with the AJARF’s mission to inspire children and youth to become responsible citizens and reach unlimited possibilities. 

Merlo Institute, Green-O-Matics Club – San Joaquin County, California
A two-part project, the overall goal is to become a Green Ribbon School. The ALL RISE Mini-Grant funding will help Green-O-Matics Club with their first project - revitalizing the Merlo Garden area. They will purchase much needed gardening tools, irrigation supplies, plants, sod, weed barriers, bark and soil nutrients. Believing the garden will once again flourish, it will also be used by our preschool program to grow vegetables. The second part is to purchase and provide green waste containers for the cafeteria and outside eating areas, and engaging Environmental Resource Students to monitor and aid in separating food items for proper recycling.

Rise Program, Resiliency Center - Fresno County, California
The ALL RISE Mini-Grant supports the RISE Program, which works with Fresno Unified School District by supporting social-emotional learning through children's literature. Focused on early intervention and connection with children, the RISE Program uses volunteers in twenty-five elementary schools throughout the district.  Students are taught resilience skills such as being in-charge of emotions, controlling impulses, analyzing the cause of problems, empathizing with others, believing in self-worth, and being optimistic. The success is measured by pre- and post-program testing, evaluating the children's understanding of these skillsets, as well as yearly evaluations from teachers in Fresno Unified. The Fresno County Mini-Grant sponsor is Gregg Raymundo Family, Provident Payments, Clovis, California.

Tourette Syndrome Peer Support - Bronx County, New York
The ALL RISE Mini-Grant will underwrite the cost of three support groups designed to reduce tic severity and bolster emotional well-being among youth with lived experience of Turrets Syndrome. Addressing anxiety, depression, social isolation, the programs will be implemented by peer counselors that will be in-turn be supported by a young adult program coordinator. The members of the Youth Ambassador and Rising Leader Advocacy programs are made up of young leaders who have lived experience of tic disorders. The program is designed specifically to target students of color from low-income families in the Bronx, NY, who may experience additional barriers to access mental healthcare.

“We are leveling the playing field by giving our youth access to resources that help them reach their full potential,” said Aaron Judge. “Our foundation will focus on basic needs for the children by helping support the students and their families - whether it be health, education or social issues. I am proud to partner with these organizations in their relevant and commendable work.”

All funds donated for the Aaron Judge ALL RISE Mini-Grant Program go directly to children and youth programs that support ongoing citizenship and education development in San Joaquin County, California; Fresno County, California; and Bronx County, New York,

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