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Biggest Loser - Day 11

Biggest Loser - Day 11--updated Wednesday eve:

Amazing number -- 99!  No it's not how many pounds I've lost (although I look forward to hitting that number), it's my sugar level this morning.  And after working out tonight, that number dropped to 79!  I haven't seen those numbers for many, many years.  With frequency my sugar levels could be over 200 and even in extreme cases, over 350.  All diabetics know that is not good at all.

So here's another benefit of the wonderful workout, lower sugar levels and better control of the sugars!

You should always check with your doctor to see what exercise is right for you, but whatever you do, just do something even if it's walk around your yard or block.

I used to use the diabetes and other health issues as a reason to NOT exercise.  That was until I noticed that a very popular young singer--one of the Jonas Brothers -- wore an insulin pump while he was touring the world and performing long concerts for millions of fans. Nick Jonas didn't let diabetes stop him.  Neither does Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jay Cutler quarterback of the Chicago Bears, and many others.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Food today consisted of Special K breakfast with strawberries.  Yes, it's a refreshing breakfast and the strawberries give it a special sweet taste.  Be sure to measure only a cup of it with half a cup of milk ; soy milk is lower in sugars.  You decide what tastes best for you.  Lunch was a good, hearty salad at today's Rotary Club.  Congrats to the Stockton Firemen, Sheriff deputy, and Stockton police officer and even Jeff Wright with Lincoln High School.  All were honored for "above and beyond call of duty" in saving lives, protecting our citizens and making our community better for all.  Thanks everyone!

I digress, back to the salad for lunch.  Topped it off with Italian dressing instead of the Ranch dressing I would normally get.

For dinner, had a delicious turkey spaghetti pasta dish.  I used a small salad plate instead of the normal entree plate.  It looks like a full plate even with much less than you would need to put on an entree plate.  (That's a tip I learned last year.)

Workout today was for 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill and I can tell that my body is getting more used to it.  Still have a long ways to go but as the Chinese saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Thanks again for stopping by and hope this helps you along the path to a healthier and happier you.  Good luck and I know you can do it!

NOTE: As I continue to find what works and would be most helpful for you, the reader, I'll try and only have one posting each day in the evening time.  That way I can share the full day's experience.  I'm also looking at ways for you to share your experience as well.  There are some wonderful, inspirational people in our community that have lost weight over the years and their stories are really inspiring.  If you know any, please email me at [email protected].  If you'd like to share a comment or two please feel free to do so.  Thanks.


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