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Dieting can be delicous at favorite restaurants
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Dieting can be delicous at favorite restaurants

by Steve

Biggest Loser - Day 15

Good Monday morning!  Hope the weekend was a good one for you.  I hit the 15 pounds lost mark and then gave one back and then lost it again.  Have you ever tried losing weight and you hit that "wall" where you keep going back and forth?  I'm staying focused on breaking through and know it can be done with the right food choices and exercise.

In 'n Out hamburgers is one of the favorite places to treat oneself but I try not to go there too often; especially now on a diet.  One day, after I ordered just an hamburger, I started thinking about other healthier options that they might offer.  By asking for the "Nutrition Facts" brochure, you can quickly see what might be better choices for you in regards to calories, fat, sodium, carbs, etc.  It's amazing how much healthier a hamburger can be without the bun!

A hamburger with onions is 390 calories with 650 sodium and 39 carbs.  If you simply order a "Protein Style" humburger -- basically a lettuce wrap with no bun-- it drop calories to 240, sodium to 370 and carbs to 11!  What a huge savings by making one simple change and it still tastes good.

Another great place for "Almost World-Famous Hamburgers" is Bob's at the Marina restaurant (West of Benjamin Holt Drive).  They have the best hamburgers and turkey burgers--for those into that kind of stuff.  They've long been one of Stockton's favorite place for a hamburger while stting outside (or in) near the water at the Marina.  Nicole and Josh, owners, offer a variety of healthy choices including a lettuce wrap avaialbe for any of their humburger, turkey or chicken sandwiches.  A friend chose to have a lettuce wrap hamburger with a couple of slices of bacon.  It smelled great.  (He didn't share!)  I'll have to order a regular hamburger with the lettuce wrap next time we go there.

So, next time you go out to eat (or even making a meal at home), ask about their nutrition facts.  Most restaurants are happy to help you with your choices and can even create something special for you with no hassle.  Be confident and know that your health is important.

Healthy choices don't have to be bland.  Try some salsa, a great salad, low-sodium spices, and I've found that Indian food can have great flavor without having so have high calorie or fat content.

Here's wising you much success!  I know you can do it.  Besides just think of how much nicer those tight seats are going to feel when you go someplace special on an airplane to celebrate your weight loss!

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