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H2O Hackathon - A Water Challenge
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H2O Hackathon - A Water Challenge

Stockton Prizes for Best California Water Sustainability Hacks

The event brought together a creative community of programmers and problem-solvers to address California statewide drought problems.  Severe drought in California means we have to take action about how we use water now and in the future.

San Joaquin County is ground zero for many of the water challenges facing urban and agricultural communities throughout the state. Farmers face the challenges of extended droughts and extreme wet periods that intensify the impacts of climate change.  A growing urban population, urban water districts, state parks, and wildlife areas face the same challenges.

Water is the most essential resource for the continued health of California's agriculture, recreation, and business economies. Yet, it is a finite resource that must be protected to guarantee the future environmental health of the state, in addition the public health of California residents.

The purpose of H20 Hackathon - A Water Challenge is to stimulate innovation in water technologies that will solve on-the-ground water management challenges in both the urban and agricultural sectors through new applications and systems.

This is the time to think about our priorities and it's the time to discover new ways to conserve the available water supply before we reach the point of no return.

The Hackathon is presented by iHub San Joaquin and other community organizations.

The free event in Stockton at the Robert J. Cabral Ag Center at 2101 Earhart Ave., aims to stimulate innovations in water technology and policies that will help solve water management challenges in both the urban and agricultural sectors through new applications and systems. Representatives from Google, IBM and other leading technology organizations will be attending the event.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winning solutions, selected by an expert panel of judges. The Cal Water Golden Spigot Award will be presented to the best technical solution. Additionally, top cash awards of $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000 will also be awarded to the best solutions across all categories. Every participant will receive a swag bag valued at $50.

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