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January Events at the Stockton Art League
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January Events at the Stockton Art League

Pat Price - Pen and Ink Artist

I began drawing in 2006 to make patterns for my intarsia woodworking projects.  
Starting in pencil then in 2008 pen and ink, drawing soon replaced woodworking.  I enjoy the challenge of drawing in pen and ink as everything must be depicted in only two colors.  This is done through the use of different pen strokes and pen widths as well as the intensity of the color achieved through layering.

I taught myself to draw, learning techniques from books and trial and error.  I also received lots of helpful guidance from friends and fellow artists.
My drawings are all sourced from photographs, many provided by friends and family.

I am a member of the Stockton Art League in Stockton.  My award winning work is shown in the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery in Stockton and in juried shows in and around the foothills and  Central Valley of  California.


Two books of my favorite works, entitled “Pen & Ink Drawings” published in 2009, and “Pen & Ink Drawings and More” published in 2011, are available for sale through the bookstore at


Maria E. Flumiani ~ Photographer

Maria Flumiani is a transplanted New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Now living in Northern California, Maria has pursued her passion and enthusiasm for photography, admiring the talent of those who could express a moving story with just one photo.

She has practiced her craft over the last 10 years, consistently learning new techniques through journeying and educational workshops.  California has offered her an amazing opportunity to explore and grow her photographic talent with its palette of beauty, variety of climates, and natural magnificence.

In traveling abroad, Maria has expanded her world to include the picturesque, exquisite splendor of the central, northern and southern regions of Italy,  and Paris and the south of France. In 2014, she will venture to Spain, thankfully adding more travel projects to her portfolio.

Maria is a board member of the Stockton Art League Goodwin Gallery and exhibits her work at a variety of venues throughout Northern California.

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