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Just In Time for Christmas
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Just In Time for Christmas

Thanks to customers, merchants and volunteers at Stockton’s Lincoln Center, many people in our community will enjoy Christmas just a little bit more this year. The center’s food, coat and sock drives, which have been taking place at Christmastime for three years now, brought in thousands of pounds of food and hundreds of coats and socks.

On two Saturdays this month, December 7 and 14, baseball players from St. Mary’s High School and Lincoln High School stood in front of Podesto’s Market and Trader Joe’s asking customers for donations. The two “Fill-­‐the-­‐Truck Food Drives” brought in an astonishing total of 4,879 pounds of food and $750.90 for Stockton’s Emergency Food Bank.

The Coat and Sock Drive, which kicked off at Lincoln Center’s Holiday Open House on November 17th with Hannah Ketcherside on site collecting socks and went through December 18, brought in 258 coats and 283 pairs of socks. The donations were given to the Women’s Center-­‐ Youth & Family Services, St. Mary’s Dining Room and the Lodi Salvation Army.

Lincoln Center is Stockton’s premiere shopping and dining destination, located at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Benjamin Holt. For more information please visit


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