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Leadership Stockton Class of 2024
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Leadership Stockton Class of 2024

Graduates 27 Members and Completes Aspen Cottage Community Service Project

Leadership Stockton, a program of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, is proud to announce the graduation of the class of 2024 and the completion of their yearlong Aspen Cottage Project at the Children’s Home of Stockton. We are proud of their hard work and dedication to making Stockton a better place to live. This project is a great example for the community to show what a group of people can get accomplished when they work together. The completion of the Aspen Cottage will enable CHS to serve 33% more young adults who might otherwise be vulnerable to trafficking, gang involvement, or poverty. The Class of 2024 was recognized for their great work Thursday, June 13th at the Leadership Stockton Class of 2024 Graduation Dinner.

With the partnership and support of the Children’s Home of Stockton, Leadership Alumni and donors, the class raised over $120,000 and received many donated in-kind products and services.

Leadership Stockton Class of 2024 Graduates:

Pharadja Andrews, Nursing Resources
Clayton Barrows, Pan American Insurance Services (Relation)
Nicholas Belasco, ASM Global Stockton
Kristy Brown
Desiree Clifton, Golden Sunshyne Corporation
Hilary Crowley, San Joaquin County Administrator's Office
Erika Cuevas, Faith in Action Community Education Services (FACES)
April Farage, Chick-fil-A Stockton
Rebecca Fisher, Mary Graham Children's Foundation
Tony Gladney, San Joaquin A+ / Stockton Ports
Melanie Gonzales
Vanessa Harris, San Joaquin Community Foundation
Joel Juarez
Erin Martin, Valley Mountain Regional Center
Carmen Matty-Cervantes, SJC Human Services Agency
Veronica Naranjo, Family Resource Center
Carina Nava, Community West Bank
Vi Nguyen, San Joaquin County Office of Education
Sergio Ortiz, BAC Community Bank
Nic Padilla, Second Harvest of the Greater Valley
Norman Perez
Sammie Reed, Dog Town Junk Removal
Sarah Reyes, San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office
Mike Royer, Valimet Inc.
Danelle Shelton, BMMAC
Ed Snow, Snow Properties
Linh Vo, Valley Strong Credit Union

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