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Mommy & Me Healthy Start Recieves Grant From The Sierra Health Foundation
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Mommy & Me Healthy Start Recieves Grant From The Sierra Health Foundation

The Mommy & Me Healthy Start Community Outreach Project is pleased to announce it has received a $14,850 grant from Sierra Health Foundation. These funds will support the Mommy & Me “Breaking Generational Cycles” workshop series, a project designed to improve maternal/child outcomes in low-income Black and Latino communities in San Joaquin County. The free workshop series will educate Black and Latino pregnant and parenting women on the benefits of preconception health, prenatal care; coping with stress; factors that affect health, such as social isolation, economic status, environment, and unhealthy relationships; and infant and child healthcare. “The opportunity to alter a fatal pregnancy and the prospect of enacting preventable measures have a profound and immediate impact on the health of childbearing females before and during pregnancy,” states Doreatia Hart, Executive Director of the Project, “especially for females with chronic disease or other preexisting and gestational conditions.” 

The Mommy & Me Healthy Start Community Outreach Project is a community-based organization providing outreach, educational classes, and resources on prenatal, well-baby health, parenting skills, health advocacy, and early childhood learning. The Project collaborates with agencies that serve mothers and babies; identifies and addresses barriers to medical care, social services, and early learning opportunities; and provides assistance in care services, such as mental health, prenatal care, child abuse prevention, domestic abuse, and other factors that affect the needs of pregnant and parenting females and their families. 

Sierra Health Foundation, a private foundation committed to supporting health and racial equity, awarded a total of $500,000 in grants to 35 nonprofit organizations and public agencies in support of programs that serve diverse ethnic populations throughout Northern California, with 35% of the funding supporting projects serving exclusively rural areas 

To enroll in this free community outreach project or to obtain more information, contact the Mommy & Me Healthy Start Community Outreach Project at (209) 546 -0399 ext. 108. 

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