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Office of Violence Prevention Peacekeeper Video Series

What is a Peacekeeper?  Who are they?  What do they do?  These are questions frequently asked of the City of Stockton Office of Violence Prevention.  To highlight the Peacekeepers and the work they do, the Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) has developed a series of videos to help answer these questions.

“The safety and confidentiality of our clients and the Peacekeepers is a priority,” shares LaTosha Walden, OVP Manager.  “It takes a special person with unique skills and training to do what we do each day.  We work with a lot of youth and young adults who are often in high-risk situations, so we thought the best way to help the community experience what we do is by telling our story through these videos.  We’re eager to share what really amounts to ‘A Day in the Life of a Peacekeeper,’ and we hope the community will develop a better understanding and appreciation of the impact and successes we’ve had.”

The following videos will be posted to the City of Stockton YouTube site @StocktonUpdates, with links from the City’s website

July 20 – “Who are the Peacekeepers?  Who they are and what they do” 
This introductory video features an interview with LaTosha Walden, OVP Manager; includes some Peacekeepers who share why they have chosen this vocation.

August 2 – “What is a Peacekeeper?  Helping to make our City safer”
This second video provides a more in-depth view of the work of each of the Peacekeepers, also called Outreach Workers, and features some clients who have left gangs.

August 16 – “How do Peacekeepers Overcome Obstacles?  Removing barriers”
The relationship building process is the focus of this third video, sharing specific activities and how Peacekeepers help clients with basic life needs and decisions.  The mother of one clients shares how Peacekeepers saved her son from a life of behaviors that had put his life at-risk.

August 30 – “How are Peacekeepers Changing Lives?  Making transformations”
This final video shares the positive transformation of clients and their families, in their own words.

For questions about the Peacekeeper program or the Office of Violence Prevention, please call (209) 937-8880 or email [email protected].

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