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RTD real-time bus information launches on Swiftly app
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RTD real-time bus information launches on Swiftly app

San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) passengers can now learn when their next bus will arrive at their stop in real time on their phones or other mobile devices by downloading and using the Swiftly app.

RTD has partnered with Swiftly, Inc. to provide better real-time transit information for their riders.  Using Swiftly's Transitime software, RTD has harnessed the ability to generate more accurate bus arrival predictions for passengers, while making real-time data public and available for distribution to mobile app developers.

There are three key elements that make the app beneficial for RTD passengers and others who are trying to learn the best way to reach a destination:

  • Real time information – Real time data is available as text or shown graphically on maps.  Passengers can see where their bus is at all times.
  • Reports and alerts – Rider alerts from RTD, notifying passengers of unusual changes or issues with their chosen route, will appear on the app.  Reports can also be generated by passengers and other travelers who spot something happening, providing help to others who may be going the same way.
  • Accurate information – Swiftly uses a powerful prediction engine that uses historical data to better determine when your bus will arrive at a particular stop

For passengers, this means more accurate real-time arrival estimates and an ecosystem of mobile apps from which to choose.  Starting today, real-time transit information will be available within Transit, Moovit, and Swiftly.  Google Maps will be updated with more accurate real-time information in the coming weeks.  These apps provide riders with real-time transit information, multi-modal trip planning, live maps with vehicle positions, and notification capabilities to help you stay up-to-speed on the latest service alerts.

“We are strong believers in better and more open data for transit agencies,” said Jonathan Simkin, Swiftly’s CEO.  “For San Joaquin RTD, we implemented Swiftly

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