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San Joaquin Engineers Council 2021 Distinguished Service Award
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San Joaquin Engineers Council 2021 Distinguished Service Award

Mrs. Allison Dumas

The San Joaquin Engineers Council has selected Mrs. Allison Dumas to receive the 2021 Distinguished Service Award.  Presentation of the award will be at the Council's 54th annual ceremony on Thursday February 25th, 2021.

The engineering profession is made up of individuals who apply science to the common purpose of life and is defined as the “profession in which knowledge of mathematical and natural sciences, gained by study, experience, and practice, is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize, economically, the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of humankind.”

Each year SJEC accepts nominations for the Engineering Profession Distinguished Service Award. These nominees are individuals who have given freely of their time and services for the benefit of the engineering profession and the community.  This award is intended to recognize someone who has shown an exceptional dedication and passion through the engineering and allied professions without the expectation of financial reward.

Dumas is the Associate Vice President of Student Involvement & Equity at the University of the Pacific.  Prior to her promotion in 2019 to lead student involvement efforts, she was the director of the Community Involvement Program, which provides educational opportunities and scholarships for first-generation college students from Stockton.  Dumas, a Lodi native, has served UOP and the surrounding community for over 35 years and has been recognized with numerous awards such as the Podesto Outstanding Mentor award, Women of Distinction and the UCC Dream awards to name a few.

Dumas is a leader known for her selfless dedication.  She has mentored hundreds of engineering students during her career to help them achieve their dream through scholastic, social, emotional, and professional guidance.  She serves as a mentor for students, supporting community service projects and builds connections to valley youth.  She established a network of engineers as professional mentors in the community resulting in training co-ops and possible professional employment after graduation. Her positivity has allowed her to seek opportunities where others only see setbacks. The 2020 COVID19 pandemic is an excellent example of where Dumas created opportunity.  This past Fall, she spearheaded efforts to provide:

  • Gap grant aid for transfer students entering the Community Involvement Program (CIP), created a peer mentorship program between Pacific and Delta students - specifically targeted students from underrepresented backgrounds and those in specific programs (partnering with CIP/Pacific alumni at Delta in MESA - bringing engineering, computer science, math and science students, Puente, EOPS, etc.). 
  • Chasing Transfer Student Success - supports students in their journey to transfer to 4-year institutions - highlighting Pacific- as they are mentored by students who were in these students shoes previously.
  • Build a network workshops with alumni professionals and aspiring college students so they can educate, encourage, and empower using a “zoom” format due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The goal is to encourage more Delta students to successfully transfer to 4-year colleges, including Pacific, and help them navigate the transition process.  The program currently has 20 professional mentors and is steadily growing.

Juan Aguirre, an Engineer with Aisin Electronics states, “Allison’s contributions to the Stockton community continue to generate new local engineers and other professional talents.  All has been made possible due to Allison’s tireless efforts, mentoring craftsmanship and admirable leadership.”  Her work has extended outside of her office and University of the Pacific.  She has led to powerful community relationships that has garnered strength in programs such as the Community Involvement Program (CIP) and successful retention of students complete their university degree.

The award will be presented to Allison Dumas at the San Joaquin Engineers Council Annual Engineer’s Award Event, on Thursday, February 25, 2021.   Due to the COVID19 pandemic, most of SJEC’s in-person events will be virtual online events.  The Annual Award event is held during Engineer’s Week, a nation-wide event recognizing the works and contributions of the engineering profession.  2021 will be the first year in San Joaquin Engineer’s Council’s fifty-four-year history that will be held as a virtual event.

Please go to for event information and reservations. For more information on SJEC, go to

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