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S.J. Pride Center receives $1.18 million dollar "Cultivating Acceptance" grant
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S.J. Pride Center receives $1.18 million dollar "Cultivating Acceptance" grant

LGBT+ Cultivating Acceptance Program

The San Joaquin Pride Center (SJPC) is proud to announce the launch of its LGBT+ youth program, Cultivating Acceptance, that addresses the unique challenges that face LGBT+ youth within our region.   The SJ Pride Center received a $1.18 million dollar grant to fund this program.  Through youth advocacy and empowerment, mental health support services, transgender awareness, advocacy, and health services, SJPC is on the forefront of reducing disparities for this targeted population. SJPC’s program addresses the discrimination and social exclusion issues, social and environmental conditions, and quality of mental health care for our LGBT+ youth of San Joaquin County.

Cultivating Acceptance is part of the California Reducing Disparities Project, a project funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and administered by the California Department of Public Health, Office of Health Equity. The primary goal of this project is to validate community-defined evidence practices focused on reducing mental health disparities for vulnerable populations through rigorous evaluation over the course of five years to determine effectiveness.

SJ Pride Center Executive Director, Nicholas Hatten said "It is one of the largest grants  given to this county for this type of program and then to give it to an agency so young and small, we are truly honored."

The San Joaquin Pride Center is located at 115 N. Sutter St. Second Floor, Stockton.  For more information regarding this program and other services, call (209) 466-7572 or visit

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