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SJC Public Works Dept. Launches All New Water Saver Website
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SJC Public Works Dept. Launches All New Water Saver Website

The state of California is in its third drought year and now worst in its history.  San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors declared a drought on January 28, 2014 and directed officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages. California is one of the few places of American agriculture. As the drought continues to worsen, there is an expectation that will mean increased food prices and more.

San Joaquin County Public Works Department – Water Resources announced today they have launched an all-new website, The water saver website enables responsive design, which allows the site to automatically adapt itself to any viewing device such as smartphone, tablet or phablet. The website was designed with help of SJC Public Works staff and by MAYACO Marketing & Internet based in Stockton, California.

With California’s water shortage, everyone’s effort to conserve water will help make a difference. You can do your part by visiting SJC Water Saver’s conservation page to learn about tips for the home, at work and landscaping ideas that you can easily incorporate with your everyday routine both indoors and outdoors.

Did you know water is the most common substance found on earth, but only two percent is drinkable? You can find more great facts in the Education center on the “Did you know” page. We all can help extend the limited supply of water we have now and for our future generations when we really need it. 

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