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Stockton Civic Theatre presents "The Ritz"
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Stockton Civic Theatre presents "The Ritz"

This hilarious farce is set in a gay bathhouse of the title. When Gaetano Proclo, a hapless, middle-aged, overweight, very married man takes it on the lam from his Mafioso brother-in-law, Carmine Vespucci, he ducks into “The Ritz”, the last place anyone would look for him, not knowing what he has thrust himself into. What he encounters there sets the scene for an old-fashioned door-slamming farce, albeit with towel-clad chubby chasers, bumbling detectives, and Googie Gomez, an over-the-top would be Bette Midler looking for her big break...Funny!

Call the Box Office Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 2p.m. at (209) 473-2424, or go online at

The theatre is located at 2312 Rose Marie Lane, Stockton. For tickets, call the Box Office Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at (209) 473-2424, or go online at

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May 1-19, 2013
Directed by Richard Garvin
Rated R for situations and language

Preview Day Tickets: $15
Regular Tickets: Adults $25; Seniors $21; Student/Child $15


THE RITZ Cast List


  • Stockton Civic Theatre
  • Directed by Richard R. Garvin
  • Assistant Director... Andie Daste
  • Stage Manager...Edie Nayer
  • Set Design...Brain Johnson

  • Abe...Michael Baybayco
  • Claude Perkins...John Hopkins
  • Gaetano Proclo...Scott Minor
  • Chris...Matt Saculla
  • Googie Gomez...Sheri Garland
  • Michael Brick...Joey Franks
  • Tiger...Joaquin Lewis
  • Duff...Joseph Toon
  • Carmine Vespucci...Justin Ledezma
  • Vivian Proclo...Elsa Fulton


  • Wesley Foreman
  • Brian Wick
  • Stefany Jarrett
  • George Ruiz
  • Steven Arrequin

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