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Stockton Planning For 5G Broadband Smart City Technologies
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Stockton Planning For 5G Broadband Smart City Technologies

The City’s Future 5G infrastructure to accelerate Public Safety Innovations, Intelligent Traffic intersections and more…

The City of Stockton is preparing for the future as a Smart City and a Smart region by adopting 5G broadband policies and preparing for both wired and wireless emerging technologies. This new technology will boost economic development and improve the quality of life within the city and the surrounding region.

“We recognized that 5G broadband technology will be a very important enabler for future smart city technologies and create opportunities for our community,” shared Information Technology Director Norbert Ruijiling. “We are working collaboratively with San Joaquin County, other municipalities, colleges, other anchor organizations, and broadband providers, to expand broadband through the region. We have engaged a professional services company, Magellan LLC, to help us accelerate the development of the required policies, planning, and community and private sector outreach. We need assistance with navigating the legal and regulatory aspects, as well as anticipating the needs of the of the future as we prepare for these emerging technologies and the far reaching positive impacts these technologies provide in our daily lives.”

Cities and counties that are effectively planning have policies in place that encourage and support 5G and broadband deployment. High speed data is essential for many existing services and will become more valuable in the future through the deployment of intelligent transportation, public safety innovations, telemedicine, and autonomous vehicles. These technologies can be more rapidly deployed through strategic small cell deployment, as well as dig once and joint trench coordination, which require permitting, policies and procedures for the use of public assets and encroachments in the public right-of-way.

“The City is developing a long-term Smart City Business Success Roadmap to plan for new and emerging technologies,” continued Ruijling. “Many services that we use daily can be improved through the use of technology. Public safety, our schools, libraries, healthcare and government services can all be better supported by Smart City innovations. Stockton, and our region, will be ready.” 

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