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Stockton’s Future: Facts about Measure A & B
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Stockton’s Future: Facts about Measure A & B

Why support Measures A & B?

MAKE OUR STREETS SAFER: The new revenue would go to create safer neighborhoods and reduce crime by adding 120 police officers on the streets of Stockton, beefing up crime prevention programs and improving Stockton’s 9-1-1 emergency services.

RESTORE PUBLIC TRUST AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Passing the Measure will enhance public confidence in local government by requiring the City to be more transparent. Additional oversight will be conducted by an independent Citizen Oversight Committee.

RESOLVE OUR BANKRUPTCY SOONER: Municipal Bankruptcy (Chapter 9) does not eliminate the City’s debt. Rather, it will restructure those debts in a way that buys time for our economy and revenues to grow, enabling the City to pay off the debt in the most equitable manner possible.

AVOID ADDITIONAL CUTS: Without new revenues generated by Measures A and B, City services that were recently eliminated cannot be restored and additional cuts will be necessary

NO OTHER OPTION: Stockton residents have no other option but to end this financial mess and put Stockton on the path to recovery. Even opponents to Measure A have no alternative plan. There’s no specifics on how to provide more resources for public safety (the Marshall Plan) and guide Stockton’s return to financial stability

•    Will generate approximately $28 million in new sales tax revenue annually for the City
•    Will help implement the Marshall Plan and the City’s ongoing efforts to reduce crime
•    Will allow the City to hire up to 120 new police officers
•    Will enable the City to emerge from Bankruptcy, and restore services
•    Will establish a Citizens’ Oversight Committee
•    Will prioritize spending over the life of the measures and restore City services
•    Will sunset in 10 years or once revenues equal 2009 levels
•    Will help end the financial mess
•    There’s no other alternative!

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