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Water Facts: Learn More About City of Stockton Water
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Water Facts: Learn More About City of Stockton Water

The City of Stockton delivers clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to over 49,000 households each day.  A recent change in the water treatment process for the north Stockton area has generated questions about water provided by the City of Stockton.  Interested in learning more?  Here are three great ways to get the facts about the City’s Chloramine Conversion Project.

Website – Visit the City’s website for questions and answers about chloramines and links to other information sources.

For an in-depth discussion of water sources, regulations, standards and how water is made safe for drinking, watch the video below. “Our Water: A conversation about safe drinking water in the City of Stockton,” provides facts and information from the City Manager Kurt Wilson and Municipal Utilities Director Mel Lytle, PhD, who oversee the City’s water utility.

Water 101 Course - For anyone interested in learning more, sign up for a Water 101 course at our Delta Water Supply Project Water Treatment Plant.  Hear the basics of water treatment directly from the City’s water experts, meet those who manage our daily water supply, and take a tour of the water treatment plant.  To register, email [email protected] or call 1-866-786-5987.

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