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Yosemite Street Village Night Out
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Yosemite Street Village Night Out

Mark your calendar! Yosemite Street Village's National Night Out Block Party on August 6th is an opportunity to be creative, have fun and celebrate our historic Midtown neighborhood.

Yosemite Street Village organizing association are thrilled to announce the Inaugural Neighborhood Night Block Party on Yosemite Street on August 6th. This event presents the perfect opportunity to invite all your neighbors to come out and celebrate Yosemite Street Village and improvements implemented thus far, including an opportunity for the community to meet the members of law enforcement who keep us all safe!

Attendees will enjoy a variety of food, live bands, activities for the kids, and a classic car show! This event takes place on Yosemite Street between Acacia & Poplar Street on August 6th from 6pm to 8pm.

Featured Entertainment:

  • 6-8pm - Tyler Grilli inside Blackwater Cafe 
  • 6pm - the afternaps
  • 6:50pm - Karate demonstrations by Tibon's Goju Ryu Karate and special announcements
  • 7:10pm - Vodessa Music 
  • 8pm - Red Dragon Youth Theater


Featured Food:

  • Food by Blackwater Cafe 
  • Food by Yosemite Meat Market and Deli 
  • Food by China Village
  • Food by Rice Queen Social Club 
  • Food by Midgley's Public Truck 
  • Sweets by Rita's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard 
  • Free limited supply hotdogs by Yvonne N Gene Tibon


Featured Vendors:

  • Motorcycle and car show organized by Shawn Sage 
  • Stockton Police Department's Paddy Wagon
  • San Joaquin Certified Farmers' Market
  • HATCH Workshop
  • San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum


Additional Details: 

  • Street Closure from 4pm to 8pm
  • Event hours: 6pm to 8pm


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