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Blanket the City with Love
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Blanket the City with Love

Event date: 11/16/2022 - 12/16/2022 Export event

Once again, the holiday season is here and BLANKET THE CITY WITH LOVE will begin another year of bringing joy and warmth to the less fortunate.

Over the years, with the help of many, we were able to help thousands of homeless and needy people.  BLANKET THE CITY WITH LOVE is an all-volunteer organization coordinated by Mayaco Marketing and Internet staff. We appreciate the many people who help support our simple concept of helping the less fortunate stay warm in their time of need.

The blankets are given to numerous homeless people sleeping outside during the cold evenings, to women and children at the family shelters and other organizations that help care for the needy of our community.
BLANKET THE CITY WITH LOVE would like to thank the many people and organizations that helped last year.

There were numerous people who donated blankets and we thank each of you. Many volunteers and family helped collect blankets over the years. Groups have held fundraisers to help. Elementary students have helped collect blankets as well over the years.

We invite you, your family and friends, church and school groups, businesses and others to help this year. Check your closets for old blankets or organize a blanket collection through your church, school, or business. Call (209) 957- 8629 today to help. 

We are accepting donations now through December 16, 2022.

Collection Locations

Please drop off your new or used blankets at the following community-minded businesses.

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