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CAFE RIO Mexican Grill now open in Stockton

Thirteenth California location opens in Stockton

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill is ready to fill the hearts and appetites of even more hungry people in Northern California. The company opened their third location in that area on January 25th in Stockton. This will mark the 13th restaurant in California and the 106th in the nation for this fast growing company.

Cafe Rio prides themselves on their commitment to serving made from scratch meals comprised of the absolute freshest ingredients. Each and every day, their team members start early in the morning to prepare their sauces, salsas, tortillas, desserts and more. On a daily basis, over a thousand limes are squeezed, avocados scooped, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, onions and peppers are chopped by hand all day in every one of their locations. Customers get a birds eye view of their meal being prepared in front of them in the open air, modern kitchen. Over the years, Cafe Rio has won hundreds of awards, including the 2015 coveted title “#1 Mexican Restaurant in the country” by the prestigious Sandelman & Associates for the 7th consecutive year. recently selected Cafe Rio Mexican Grill as one of the top brands in its annual list of Top 100 Movers and Shakers. Cafe Rio is committed to bringing their passion and strict policy of freshness to Stockton.

In keeping with their tradition of giving back to the community, Cafe Rio presented the Emergency Food Bank Stockton/San Joaquin with a $2,500 donation at the Grand Opening on January 25th.
“We are honored to be collaborating with Cafe Rio on their expansion to California and the grand opening in Stockton’s Lincoln Center,” says the Emergency Food Bank Stockton/San Joaquin Executive Director, Mike Donaghy. “We are grateful for their contribution to the food bank and the community.”
The mission of the Emergency Food Bank is to build a stronger community by providing a safety net of healthy food, nutrition education, and hope to residents of San Joaquin County who find themselves in need. Their Hunger Task Force for San Joaquin County was formed in 2006, and represents the City of Stockton, County of San Joaquin and more than 30 Community-Based-Organizations, churches and schools. The Task Force meets quarterly to advance nine major goals to reduce or end hunger and food-insecurity in San Joaquin County. Successes since formation of the Hunger Task Force include increases in Cal Fresh and Med-Cal enrollment, a growing supply of donated food, and enhanced nutrition and cooking educational programs.  
“We are really honored that the demand for additional Cafe Rio restaurants in the Northern CA area continue to pour in,” states Ben Craner, Chief Marketing Officer of Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. “It is our modus operandi to serve the freshest meals to our customers and that is our continued commitment to the Stockton community in our new location. We would like to invite everyone to enjoy our new restaurant in Stockton."

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