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New outdoor sculpture decorates downtown Stockton
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New outdoor sculpture decorates downtown Stockton

Photo by the Stockton Arts Commission

The City of Stockton and the Stockton Arts Commission are pleased to announce the installation of an original art sculpture titled “Anchored” at the DeCarli Plaza in Downtown Stockton on Saturday, January 16th, 2016. The unique sculpture was created by regional public artists Diana Pumpelly Bates and Steve Petrushka. DeCarli Plaza is located 105 N. El Dorado Street.

As described by the artists, “Anchored is emblematic of change – reflecting the dynamic nature of how influences come and go, how histories begin and end and overlap”. The piece was inspired by researching area history and focusing on successive historical periods from times of early Native American settlement, Spanish American War, Gold Rush Days, and urbanization and expansion. The 17 x 11 foot wide and 23 foot high stainless steel sculpture will be permanently installed on the floor of the elevated fountain, rising 21 feet above the water.

“The City is very proud to see the completion of this long-awaited project and the aesthetic enhancement it will bring to downtown Stockton. Public Art is integral to quality of life and civic pride and the Commission and Public Art Advisory Committee have done an outstanding job in making Anchored a reality,” said John Alita, Community Services Director.

In 2010 Regional Public Artists Steve Petrushka and Diana Pumpelly Bates were selected by the Public Art Advisory Committee after responding to a Request for Proposal by the City.

The Stockton Arts Commission serves as the art advocacy for the city. The 15 member commission was founded in the mid-1970s, and is responsible for promoting the arts within the City of Stockton. The Commission administers the Public Art Program and an annual grants program for local artists.

Diana P. Bates has a MFA with a concentration in sculpture and bronze casting. She has been working as a public artist since 1994 and has created and installed art in Sacramento, Santa Clara, Pleasanton, Oakland, Sunnyvale and San Jose. Steve Petrushka has a BA of Industrial Design. He is a designer and has been a public artist since 2008. He has created public art in Sacramento.

Please contact Arecia Yee [email protected] for more information.

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