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On-time and on-target, California has a budget
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On-time and on-target, California has a budget

The Governor and Legislature have delivered an on-time budget that is not only balanced, but also boosts investment in the future of our children through more resources for early child care and increased access to higher education.

In May, the Democratic Caucus adopted a Blueprint for a Responsible Budget, promising to continue fiscal responsibility, strengthen the middle class and maintain vital services. The current budget, to be voted on before the June 15 deadline, is based on more cautious revenue estimates for the coming year, and yet fulfills those promises, while building a $1.1 reserve and paying down $4.2 billion of the state’s debt.

Some of its other highlights include:
  • More than $100 million in additional funding for early care and preschool programs.
  • An education funding formula that provides for the needs of lower-income students and English language learners, an important boost to the 13th Assembly District.
  • Through the Middle Class Scholarship Program, U.C. and C.S.U. tuition and fees are slashed by 10 to 40 percent for California families earning less than $150,000 a year.
  • Provides millions in additional funding for veterans to assist the federal government in reducing the claims backlog and to provide more services.
  • $63 million more for the court system, vital in San Joaquin County, where realignment has stretched prison capacity to the limit.

This is a strong, healthy start for California, restoring services and investing in our future, while still moving forward prudentially as our economy regains its feet. We also owe thanks to the people of California who made this fiscally responsible budget possible by approving key ballot measures to raise revenue and reduce the possibility of deadlock.

The deadline for the legislature to approve the budget is June 15. For more information call Susan Eggman's office at (916) 319 – 2013, or email.

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