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Presentation of New Research on Environmental Health and Justice in Stockton
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Presentation of New Research on Environmental Health and Justice in Stockton

Youth empowered in deeper look at community health

At the same time that Stockton neighborhoods with high numbers of youth, ethnic minority groups, and low income households are facing an increasing number of barriers to engaging in healthy behaviors those same neighborhoods are also the location of increasing risk of exposure to toxic contamination, climate-related disaster, and home foreclosure.


The Project YES! Collaborative presents on April 2, 2013 the findings of two complimentary studies on environmental and community health in Stockton with a focus on concerns for the justice in negative conditions increasingly loading on geographically specific neighborhoods.


The Project YES! Collaborative presentation will be held from 7pm-9pm on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at University of the Pacific in the Morris Chapel Sears Room 114. The presentation is free and open to the public. Presenting on behalf of the Project YES! Collaborative will be: Dr. Lara Killick, UOP Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences; Campbell Bullock, San Joaquin Community Data Co-Op; Precious Fortes, Health Careers Academy; Jamie White, San Joaquin County Public Health Services; and Raoul Lievanos, UC Davis Sociology. Presentation moderator will be Dr. Alison Alkon, UOP Sociology.


The Project YES! acronym stands for Youth Empowering Stockton. The project has brought together students from University of the Pacific with local teens in collecting research data and working toward identification of community-led action strategies that can address key barriers to healthy behaviors. The Project YES! Collaborative has brought together multiple researcher efforts, community organizations, and community youth.


This research presentation is part of University of the Pacific, April 2013 Sustainability Month. For more information please contact Dr. Shanna Eller, University of the Pacific Sustainability Director at 209-946-2763 or [email protected]


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