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Stockton Art League April Events
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Stockton Art League April Events

Featured artist for April – Judy Vivian, Photographer.  Reception April 13  from 4-7pm
Demonstration Artist         - Theresa Bayaca – Batik Process (Wax & Dye)  Thursday, April 11 from 6-8pm



Stockton Art League

Judy Vivian, a local Professional Portrait Photographer, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was raised in the Los Angeles area. Upon college graduation she and her husband, Larry moved to Northern California.


After settling in French Camp with her family, Judy became interested in becoming a portrait photographer, working for a year in a Stockton Portrait Studio. During the recession Judy received her Degree, from NY Institute of Photography in the 1980’s which kick started her first portrait business, “Keepsake Photography”.


Judy’s first studio was a country studio, with access to unique shooting areas, adding to the element of creativity. The “Keepsake Photography” studio had both indoor and outdoor shooting areas. Her current Photography business “Visions of Light Photography” is located in North Stockton, which includes both indoor and unique outdoor shooting areas.


Her Photography career journey has been very enlightening, studying at Mills college with renowned Photograher, Kathleen Carr. During the early years Judy studied under various Master Photographers of America. She received

several awards from PPA of Ca., along with local Awards. In recent competitions she received a 2nd Place award in Photography, for the 2011 Juried Show held at the Goodwin Gallery, located on the Miracle Mile. In addition, Judy received an HM award in 2011, and 2012 both in Photography, for the Lodi Juried Spring Art Show.


Her photo art interests; Polaroid emulsion transfers, Polaroid manipulations, digital enhancements hand coloring, dark room manipulations & continuing education, are what keep the passions moving in Judy’s photography career. For Judy being a photographer is pure joy and never a job.


Theresa Bayaca – Demonstration of Batik Process Wax & Dye

Thursday, April 11 – 6 to 8 pm

Nature is the inspiration of my art. I grew up on the family farm, surrounded by objects of nature. Along the line, I became aware of plant fibers and the use of natural-fiber fabrics to create one-of-a-kind art clothing and accessories, home décor items, and fine art.

Through the years, I experimented and refined my techniques, trying this method and that, but some things cannot be changed without compromise. Batik is an ancient art form and has been much the same for at least two thousand years as evidenced by batik items found in Asia as well as the pyramids of Egypt. The traditional batik process has stood the test of time.

Batik is an intensive process. Bees wax is the resist and the “tjanting” is the tool or wax pen used to apply wax onto fabric. A design is drawn on fabric. Then the design is waxed. Next, dye is applied. Unwaxed areas accept the dye; waxed areas resist the dye...and this is when the design emerges. This is the magic of batik.

During the process, the wax randomly cracks and forms fine lines or “veins” of dye throughout the design. This veining is the signature of the traditional batik process. After the final waxing and dyeing, all wax is removed. The product is unique and beautiful and well worth the effort. This is how an original batik is created.

As a member of the Stockton Art League, my work is displayed at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery on the Miracle Mile. Previously, I participated at the Tidewater Art Gallery which was located in downtown Stockton. Now, I am also honored to be a member of Haute Couture. I am truly grateful for the opportunity these groups provide to promote the arts.
Theresa Bayaca, Plant & Fiber Artist

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