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PREVAIL Hosts Green Light Project
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PREVAIL Hosts Green Light Project

Homeless and Runaway Youth Awareness Month

PREVAIL, formerly Women’s Center-Youth & Family Services, offers safety, refuge, and mentoring to at-risk youth throughout the county. We provide emergency shelters where youth experiencing homelessness can seek immediate support, a transitional living program where young adults receive supportive housing while they are transitioning to independence, a basic needs center where youth have access to meals, clothing closet, laundry and shower facilities, mail services, hygiene and first-aid supplies, clinical services, and substance use counseling among other wrap around services.

November is Homeless and At Risk Youth Awareness Month

An estimated 4.2 million young people ages 13 to 25 experience some form of homelessness – couch surfing, staying in a shelter, living on the streets – in the United States each year. Housing instability can have detrimental and long-term effects on youth, including limited access to education, poor physical and mental health outcomes, and a higher risk of becoming a victim of violence and/or human trafficking. Homelessness also disproportionately impacts already at-risk populations, including LGBTQ youth and youth of color.

Green Light Project

Green is the color for Homeless and Runaway Youth Awareness Month. This November PREVAIL will raise awareness by displaying green lights at locations throughout the County to shine a light on the experiences of youth at risk and impacted by homelessness.

Light Up the Night Mixer

A mixer will be held Thursday, November 16th at Weberstown Mall (in front of Dillard’s on Pacific Ave.) from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Come show your support and light up the night in honor of youth facing homelessness. Glow sticks will be provided!

For questions, please visit or call (209) 941-2611.

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