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SAN JOAQUIN ENGINEERS COUNCIL announces  Evangelina and John Paoluccio  as joint recipients of the  2017 DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD
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SAN JOAQUIN ENGINEERS COUNCIL announces Evangelina and John Paoluccio as joint recipients of the 2017 DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD

Presentation of the award will be at the Council's 50th anniversary dinner meeting at the University of the Pacific's DeRosa Center, February 23, 2017.

Event date: 2/23/2017 1:30 PM - 2/24/2017 5:00 AM Export event

The San Joaquin Engineers Council has selected Evangelina and John Paoluccio, jointly, to receive the 2017 Distinguished Service Award (DSA).  Presentation of the award will be at the Council's 50th anniversary dinner meeting at the University of the Pacific's DeRosa Center, February 23, 2017.  

The award recognizes individuals who have dedicated their professional knowledge and skills to the advancement of the engineering profession in their community.  This year is the first time the award will be given to a couple, and although either is highly qualified to receive the award as an individual, their work together has been so effective that the Council's DSA committee decided to present the award to the "Paoluccio team".

John and Evangelina both hold engineering degrees from the University of the Pacific in Stockton.  John is the President of Inventive Resources Inc. and holds General Contractor Licenses A&B and has over three dozen patents and patents pending.  He is also a consultant with Stanislaus County Small Business Development Center where amateur inventors can fabricate their projects at no cost and get assistance in improving ideas and building local business.  Evangelina Paoluccio is a registered civil engineer and worked with NV5 in Manteca for twelve years before joining their family-owned engineering firm, Inventive Resources Inc. with her husband.   She has a lifetime of volunteerism under her belt; in fact, she was the recipient of Community Involvement Program scholarships at the University of the Pacific.  She was also honored as the University of the Pacific School of Engineering and Computer Science 2014 Alumna of the Year for her dedication to, and passion for, community outreach. Both John and Evangelina have stayed connected to Pacific and continue to advise and mentor the next generation of engineering students.

Evangelina has coordinated the annual San Joaquin MathCounts competition for the past twelve years.  She contacts schools, organizes facilities, recruits and trains volunteers, and prepares and runs the event.  John prepares workshops for the annual "Expanding Your Horizons".  EYH is a day-long program focused on Math, Science, and Engineering activities and careers. For 6th to 12th grade girls John’s workshops have included working with robots, bottle rockets, and other exciting hands-on activities.  They actively volunteer at local elementary schools and share their love of engineering to local youth. 

Both Evangelina and John have helped ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) student teams prepare for competitions such as the Steel Bridge or the Water Treatment competitions, providing advice and time.  John has consistently helped University of the Pacific engineering student senior projects and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) student teams with their designs for robotics competitions, and he helped students build a test track to test their designs.  He opens his engineering facility in Salida to high school and college students.  Together, Evangelina and John mentored Girl Scout Troop #2225 for several years and assisted them in the "Future City" competition in 2012 and 2013.  When the teams they mentored won regional competitions and became eligible for the national competition in Washington, DC, the Paoluccios helped the girls develop and refine their ideas, build a model of their planned city, and prepare and practice their formal presentations by coordinating practices in front of groups of professional engineers. They also organized trips to local traffic departments, wastewater treatment plants, helped raise funds for their two trips to the National Future City competitions in Washington DC, and chaperoned the girls throughout the trips.

One of John’s current inventions is the Manhole Odor Eliminator (MOE) filter units, which was the recipient of the 2012 San Joaquin Angels Entrepreneurship Challenge.  The MOEs are installed in major cities across the US and Canada including Disneyland and other amusement parks, casinos and shopping malls. John’s designs are even used internationally, in Dubai and Kuwait. 

The Paoluccios’ passion for service doesn’t stop at students.  They have also made it their mission to protect nature.  They have helped save turtles from McKinley Park in Sacramento and provided a new habitat for them in their one acre private pond certified wildlife sanctuary. Most recently, John has received a patent pending for his development in a non-chemical approach to eradicate invasive aquatic plants using short wave UV-C light. John hopes to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new technology in addressing the growing problem of invasive aquatic plants through a pilot study in Lake Tahoe this summer. 

When not volunteering their time and talent, John and Evangelina work in their family business, Inventive Resources, Inc., (IRI), in Salida.  The Paoluccios live on their Modesto 40-acre almond farm with their two children, Isabella, 7, and Giovanni, 4.

The award will be jointly presented to Evangelina and John Paoluccio at the San Joaquin Engineers Council Annual Engineer’s Banquet, starting at 5.30 pm on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at the University Center on the University of the Pacific Campus in Stockton. The banquet is held during Engineer’s Week, a nation-wide event recognizing the works and contributions of the engineering profession.

Please go to or contact Larry Test, 209-948-2081, for event information and reservations.

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