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St. Mary’s Award Winning Theatre Does It Again!
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St. Mary’s Award Winning Theatre Does It Again!

By Bobbie Wallinger

St. Mary’s High School Drama Department under the direction Kevin Costello has once again provided Stockton with a block buster of the show, “The Addams Family” a musical based on the characters created by Charles Addams.  The Broadway Musical is pure delight with a cast of 43 incredibly talented students accompanied by an equally talented orchestra of 14 under the direction of conductor, Josh Landin.

Heading the cast of outstanding performers, Adam Johnson (Gomez Addams) and sultry Clair Rogan as Morticia Addams, set the tone for the spooky, creepy production along with the rest of the morbid but hysterical rest of the family.  Daughter, Wednesday Addams, (Anissa Barney) is perfect as she transitions from morose to lovable ingénue. 

Grandma, (Amanda Bruno) carries some of the funniest laugh lines in the show and is so believable as the aged crone it’s hard to believe she only a sophomore in High School.  Noah Galvez, (Pugsley Addams), a sixth grade student is someone to keep an eye on as he already demonstrates the maturity of a professional actor. 

Little Morgan Powell, a second grade student at Vinewood Elementary holds her own as cousin Itt.  She is adorable.  James Ehrich, a newcomer to theatre (Lurch) is amazing to be able to carry off the role staying in character amid the chaos.  Regrettably opening night there were a few sound glitches and his solo was distorted, but alas such are the trials of live theatre and was easily corrected for future performances.    Jasleen Bajaj, (Thing), had one of the most difficult parts, showing only her hand and being hidden in a box, but she was super!  The Beineke family, Mal the father (Joe Anastacio) and Lucas the son (Alex Navarro), were a perfect contrast to the Weird Addams group adding to the fun in this very funny show.

Two of the greatest characters in the script are Uncle Fester and Alice Beineke and both are played to perfection by, Tommy Schletewitz, Uncle Fester, and Bella Galvez, as Alice Beineke.  Both Schletewitz and Galvez are triple threat performers…dancers, singers, actors with enough energy to light up any stage 0n which they perform.  Of course that would not be possible without the support of an incredible ensemble of singers and dancers, each a star due to the amazing choreography of Evelyn Barney, a super creepy set and Teck by Brian Johnson, and wild make-up and hair design by Elizabeth Costello. Completing the team Lighting Design, Matt Litfin, Prop Design Denise Powell-Kelley, Stage Manager, Natalia Jauregui, and Production Manager, Belinda Squires.  But the Super Star of the production team was certainly Carol Wyrick for Costume Design that would be the envy of a Broadway Show.

All in all, a MUST SEE!  Running thru April 3rd, 2020.  For information and tickets contact Delta College Box Office, (209)954-5110.

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