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Stockton by bicycle…flat, sunny, tour-worthy!

Event date: 9/27/2014 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM Export event

Did you know that well over half all the homes in Stockton have several dusty bicycles stuffed in the garage? And, that many don’t get used often, for folks don’t know where to go to safely and scenicly bicycle? Well, Stockton offers many cycling benefits; lovely weather almost year-round, very few hills, and a variety of safe and scenic routes to flex those leg muscles on!

A special event is coming soon; the ‘San Joaquin Bike Fest’, Saturday, September 27, 9 AM to 2 PM at University of Pacific (formerly the ‘Bike and Hike to End Hunger’)! Here is your opportunity to tour both the Calaveras Bike Trail West and East routes, and a scenic and historic route to the downtown waterfront. Join hundreds of families and singles for this fun, family tradition on Saturday, September 27 at the DeRosa Student Center, University of Pacific, 901 Presidents Drive, Stockton.

Four scenic bicycle routes begin and end at the University, offering choices of routes from 1.5 miles, 6.5miles, 7.5 miles and 9.5 miles (link all for a 25 mile ride). A Kid’s Safety Village and short “activities course” will make a fun diversion for kids from 2 years and up, as well as novice riders!

Continuing this year: Music by ‘Pushers and Thieves’, good food, soft drinks to all participants (a beer garden, offering beer for purchase hosted by Stockton’s Abbey Trappist Pub) will make the Bike Festival event more festive, a true family tradition. Come in “1980’s retro costumes” if you like, enjoy a display of classic 1980s and retro bikes, and enjoy the spectacle!

Registration opens at 7 AM; rides begin at 9 and 9:30 AM and music, food and the beer garden will be ready for fun and lively action at 11 AM; the event concludes at 2:00 PM!

Fun for entire family; these are scenic bike routes and tours – it is not a timed event. Best of all, proceeds support the Emergency Food Bank’s nutrition programs and the educational programs of the San Joaquin Bicycle Coalition; so you help end hunger in Stockton & San Joaquin County, and, educate motorists and cyclists about safe bike travel!

For more information, go to (you will find maps of all the routes, too); or register on-line at - or call (209) 969.3875 or (209) 464-7369 for more information.

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