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Strawberry Fundraiser for Education
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Strawberry Fundraiser for Education

Bringing tutoring to low-income students in our Stockton community

The Center for Community Involvement (CCI) is hosting the Strawberry Fundraiser for Education. Buy a jar of delicious, homemade strawberry jam, or a Mother’s Day Basket that includes local goods, a jar of jam and homemade scone mix.

This spring tradition, formerly known as The Strawberry Breakfast and started by the Anderson Y Center, continues to provide an opportunity to celebrate over 130 years of service and collaboration between Pacific students and Stockton residents. The Strawberry Fundraiser proceeds benefit local students through the CCI’s tutoring programs. The CCI organizes other programs including community service opportunities and educational enrichment designed to promote college to local youth.

The CCI gratefully accepts monetary contributions to help sustain our commitment to our Stockton community.

Pre-orders are taken at the CCI and online. Jam and Mother’s Day Baskets will be for sale through May 1st.

Please call 209-946-2444 or email [email protected] with questions

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