"The Dhance" author to visit and speak in Stockton
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"The Dhance" author to visit and speak in Stockton

Author Coy F. Cross II, in his book The Dhance, searches for meaning within his precious wife’s bout with ovarian cancer. Instead of collapsing into despair and questioning “Why,” Coy discovered tools to help him be with Carol in a manner that helped her.

Coy details how by being consciously present, “I learned there were times to fight for Carol and times I needed to pass through the "Dark Night" of Carol's cancer into a place of surrender where I become the "vehicle" of her care.  When she said, ‘I don't know how you can do this.’  My response was, and it was a response from my core, ‘I have come to see it as a privilege.’  And that honest truth can only come from being, at that moment, a ‘vehicle’.”
I could use that experience to help lift both Carol and me up.  With this tool and others, I hope to help people prepare for the worst times in their lives.”

Coy and Carol found hidden gifts in their challenges, ones they never could have expected to find by eliminating the labels of “good and bad” and focusing on being present for each other,” says Scott Burr, Publisher.

“I want to share what I have learned,” Coy states “hopefully, before someone is neck-deep in life’s hardest experiences or when they are trying to make sense of it after it is over.”

Coy’s story is the basis of his book, The Dhance: A Caregiver’s Search for Meaning. Coy also presents speeches and workshops on the topic and is available to sign books and answer questions at various venues.


What: Sunday talk: on ‘The Dhance” Followed by a book signing Followed by a 3-hour workshop on “I accept everything as it is”  When: Sunday, Feb. 9th; Service is at 10:30 am; Workshop at 12 noon Where: Unity Center 2025 W. March Lane, Stockton, CA

What: Class on ‘The Path of Acceptance” based on the teachings of Reverand Carol Ruth Knox When: Feb. 13 to Mar. 20th;  at 7pm to 8:30 pm Where: Unity Center 2025 W. March Lane, Stockton, CA Cost: $100 - includes workshop, classes, and both books. If you already have the books, the class is $65.

Come join us for a journey into acceptance and transformation as we learn how God is “also in the worst of our life’s experiences”. If we can nd a way to touch God in every facet of life - even in our worst pain - then we can receive incredible gifts that may not be found anywhere else. 

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