Free Tours in Downtown Stockton
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Free Tours in Downtown Stockton

Downtown Stockton has an impressive directory of historic buildings. From the City Hall's Grecian-Iconic style of stone and marble to the red brick architecture of Gothic Revival of St. Mary's Church, downtown streets lend themselves to picturesque tours during this unusually sunny winter. And then, there are stories of people who walked these streets in the span of over 160 years since Stockton started as a mud ville during the California's Gold Rush.

Downtown Stockton Alliance has offered free guided tours of downtown for many years now. In the last year, the number of tours given by our Resident Historian Ambassador, Manuel Laguna, has tripled and this year should be no different.

In 2013, Manuel showed downtown historic sites to a total of 175 people, from local first-graders to jurors and out-of-town visitors. An average tour lasts 90 minutes and takes you to such iconic buildings as the Bob Hope "Fox" Theater or the Waterfront Warehouse, but  the itinerary can be easily adjusted depending on the visitors' needs and interests.

To schedule a tour, call at least two weeks in advance at 209.464.5246.

Click here to learn more about the history of Downtown Stockton.

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